We don’t track you.

That’s our Privacy Policy in a nutshell.

We’ve created a Closed Loop Blockchain Ecosphere.

It is a self-contained “walled garden.”

As such, everything you do, click, buy, search for, read, view, etc., stays inside the Freedom Place universe. Nothing in our system is shared with anyone.

In fact, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that what you do in Freedom Place stays in Freedom Place.

Privacy Rights

Freedom Place believes online privacy should be simple and accessible to all, and our PRIVACY POLICY below reflects that.  For example, we do not save or share your search or browsing history when you search on Freedom Place or use our apps and extensions. At the same time, if you contact us directly, for example, to get product support, we may hold some limited amount of your personal information that you voluntarily provide to us. We also offer some optional features that require limited amounts of personal information to function, for example, your email address to provide you with Email Protection.

As explained below, you retain rights to the limited personal information we may have about you. We’ve tried to keep things simple here by summarizing the rights of residents in privacy-protective jurisdictions, but please refer to the privacy authorities in your specific location for more detailed information. While not all Freedom Place users have the legal rights described on this page, it is Freedom Place’s policy to honor these rights for our users as described regardless of where you live. We’ll do this to the best of our ability and take applicable law into consideration.